Barcelona Spartan Super

Hey Everyone! It has been a hectic end of the season but I wanted to come share my last few adventures with you before the off season begins. Over the next few days I will have race recaps to share as well as some albums connected to my athlete page.  I want to also point out a few new additions to the page if you have not seen yet. There is a banner on the left side of the home page that will give you a discount when signing up for a Spartan Race as well as a highlight on the right side of a page featuring different training products that I like to use! As for the European adventure here we go! We started our vacation in Barcelona and on Sunday 10/14 I had the opportunity to run my first international Spartan Race.  One of the hardest parts of racing international/out of your comfort zone is your normal routine for the night before and morning of the race.   I was able to keep up reasonably well with nutrition mostly due to OralIV and BeetElite having travel friendly packaging that allows to you to take them everywhere! Check out the links on the homepage or click on their pictures to purchase either product!

As for the race I was not sure what to expect. I had in my mind that the venue would be lower elevation with little ascent but I was quickly greeted with a much different situation once the race started.  One benefit any US Spartan Racer has when going international is seeing obstacles at so many races due to how many there are in the US.  In Europe there are fewer races around so though I may have been really out ran on the inclines (specifically when running up rock faces) I was able to regain my advantage with the obstacles.  Special shout out to Inov-8 if it was not for them all of my Europe races would have been much worse.  As for the race itself it was difficult to not stop and take in the awe inspiring views that this venue offered.  Starting on the Land Rover dirt track we were greeted with some 8 foot over walls and a few trenches filled with mud.  Once out of the festival area it was a lot of running up and down these rock structures.  Lucky for me I have no problem running down with reckless abandonment and was able to make up a few spots on our first descent.  Most of the course was pockets of obstacles that interrupted longer running spurts.  Unfortunately I fell victim to both balance obstacles so I did have to do 60 total burpees for this race.  As I made my way into the festival area for the second time I hear the voice of my wife yelling keep moving you are currently sitting 19th and I knew I had a couple guys in front of me that I could track down.  I also thought this was the final approach to the finish which was not the case. We made our way back into the mountain one final time where we were greeted with a lake swim as well as a heavy net that we had to wade across the water under.  Once out of that water it was all downhill and I was able catch one of the guys that I had tracked for a couple miles.  I made my way quickly through the rig and sprinted to the finish.  I was able to pull out an 18th/56 finish on a course that was about 9.5 miles and 1900 feet of elevation.  You can check out some great shots of the scenery as well as the course below! Later this week I will have a quick recap on OCRWC in London as well as Fenway Park Spartan Race which was the final race of the season. 

Barcelona Super 2018


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