Workout of the Week 7.21 Grip it N Rip it

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I want to focus on Grip training as it seems I am seeing many athletes slipping off of Multi Rig and Twister as well as struggling with doing Herc Hoist after a carry.  If you are one of those folks hopefully adding this into your routine can help with that.

Warmup 10 min Elliptical/Jacobs Ladder

Superset:                                                                                                                                     Bench Press (Lighter weight) I added a resistance band x10                     DB/KB Farmers Carry (using attachment handle) x 30sec                      Pullup/Hand Position Change x30 sec                                                                     Barbell Front Squat/Shoulder Press/Bent over row x5 each                     Rest 1 min and repeat x6 on odd sets do 60sec on carry and pullups


Stay Hydrated and have fun! Check out the facebook page for video of this workout!

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